Top 10 Family Activities in Wisconsin Dells

1. Witches Gulch in Wisconsin Dells

The Witches Gulch is a unique attraction offered at the Wisconsin Dells. The canyon is accessible by a boat ride through the Dells Boat Tour.

The Upper Dells Tour offers daytime tours that give access to the narrow canyon covered with fern glens that gives it a majestic feel throughout.

There is also a Sunset Dinner Cruise that allows an entirely different experience with an afternoon torch lite stroll throughout the canyon. Both allow for a walk through the canyon by pathway.

The Witches Gulch’s uniqueness is why we added it to our Top 10 Family Attractions in Wisconsin Dells.

2. Lost Canyon

Lost Canyon gives a unique experience that allows individuals to ride a horse-drawn carriage through the scenic canyon. 

The carriage ride will take you through a narrow passageway with a group of individuals. You’ll see Majestic Cliff walls, gorgeous sandstones, and gorges throughout the trip. Therefore, making it a relaxing way to enjoy the beauty of the great outdoors.

The tour is approximately 30 minutes and is about a mile-long trip through the canyon. 

The uniqueness of having a horse-drawn carriage that takes you through a canyon is why it made our top 10 Family Attractions in Wisconsin Dells.

3. Pewits Nest

Pewits Nest in Wisconsin is a great place to explore the outdoors. 

This Natural Area features a 30 to 40 ft Gorge formed during the last glacier. 

This Gorge offers stunning views making it a must-visit destination. The Pewits Nest hike is 0.8 miles high-traffic trail that features a beautiful waterfall.

However, many have stated that a fence is installed halfway to maintain the protection of the cliffs. 

Although it’s been noted that the trail forks off at point 0.2 miles, and you can go right, and you can see a ravine from the bottom that has the small waterfall.

4. Mt. Olympus

Looking for ideas for a way to spend your summer having fun with the family? Then checking out a theme park should be on your list

Mount Olympus is the largest water and theme park resort in America. The park features over 7 go-kart tracks, various roller coaster rides, a balloon ride, and kiddie rides.

Mount Olympus also has a waterpark, a wave pool, a lazy river, and a play structure. However, one of the neatest attractions offered at Mount Olympus is America’s very first rotating water slide.

Although the water park is only open during the summer months, the park offers activities throughout the year.

During winter, activities include tubing, skiing, and snowboarding. Making it a great destination to visit during winter. 

With so much to do at Mount Olympus is no wonder that it made her top 10 Family Attractions in Wisconsin Dells. This is a must-visit attraction with your children.

5. Noah's Ark Waterpark

Going to a waterpark is a great way to spend the summer days!

If you are looking for outdoor fun, then look no further. Noah’s Ark Waterpark is the largest outdoor water park in all of America. 

In fact, Noah’s Ark has 51 water slides. The park also has two lazy rivers, a wave pool, a big play with an 8-foot dump bucket, and a water slide ride.

Therefore making this the perfect way to spend the day with your family. With so much to do, it’s easy to spend the day in the water hanging out and making memories.

6. Pirate's Cove Adventure Golf

Every family vacation needs at least one trip to the mini-golf course. 

What makes Pirates Cove Adventure Golf Course so much fun is the pirate theme throughout the entire Golf Course. While golfing, you may find yourself in a cave beneath or crossing over a footbridge.

Throughout the course, mini-photo opportunities allow you to easily document the fun you are having with your family or friends while mini-golfing.

There are several different courses that you can choose from, allowing the ability to go back multiple times and try the various golf courses. 

In fact, the facility has a total of 91 different holes where you can golf.

7. Tom Foolerys Adventure Park

This indoor Adventure Park is perfect for spending the day with your family. 

The Adventure Park features various indoor attractions, including a six-story Ferris wheel, mini-golf, bowling, a rope course, laser tag, and arcades.

In addition, the facility also has a maze of mirrors and even a cookie town which is perfect for the little ones. 

Making this ideal for having a family fun day on your next vacation. It is a great way to spend the day indoors during the winter or when it’s raining.

8. Wild Waterdome Water Park

The Wild Water Dome Waterpark is open year ROUND, making it perfect during those winter days when the other outdoor parks are closed.

The park features a 10,000-square-foot wave pool, making it fun for kids of all ages. Additionally, the water park has a swim-up bar for adults. 

Another significant aspect is the see-through roof that brings a lot of natural sunlight into the pool.

9. Big Sky Twin Drive-In Theater

This is a stock image.

The Big Sky Twin Drive-In theater is perfect after a long day exploring the Wisconsin Dells. The Big Sky Twin Drive-In theater allows you to relax under the stars watching a movie with the ones you love. 

Please note that this is only a cash-only drive-in movie theater. 

10. Top Secret Attraction

The top-secret attraction takes you on an upside-down replica of the White House. 

It’s an affordable attraction that is a great way to spend time with your children and make memories. 

There are a lot of photo opportunities throughout! If you are in Wisconsin Dells, check out the top-secret attraction.

We hope you enjoyed the list of the top 10 Family Attractions in Wisconsin Dells. 

Top 10 Family Attractions in Wisconsin Dells

  1. Witches Gulch in Wisconsin Dells
  2. Lost Canyon
  3. Pewits Nest
  4. Mt. Olympus
  5. Noah’s Ark Waterpark
  6. Pirate’s Cove Adventure Golf 
  7. Tom Foolerys Adventure Park 
  8. Wild Waterdome Water Park 
  9.  Big Sky Twin Drive-In Theater
  10. Top Secret Attraction
Top 10 Family Activities in Wisconsin Dells

If there are any of your favorite attractions that we missed, just comment down below. We would love to feature more Wisconsin attractions in future articles.

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