Must Visit Beach Towns on Lake Erie, Ohio


Marblehead, Ohio is one of many cities within Lake Erie, Ohio that is a must-visit destination. 

This unique town has many attractions to offer those who are visiting. [Read also: 10 Things to do in Marblehead, Ohio

One being, the rarest daisies in the world that can be seen at the Lakeside Daisy State Nature Preserve. 

Another great attraction is the working lighthouse that is still used to guide ships. 

If that wasn’t enough, the beach town has over 2 miles of sandy beaches and over 10 miles of hiking trails. Making it a perfect destination for nature lovers.

Port Clinton

Port Clinton, Ohio is the perfect destination to bring your family to create a lifetime worth of memories. 

The town features a variety of fun family activities that includes animal encounters. 

Allowing the ability to get up close and personal with a variety of different types of animals such as Zebras, giraffes, and porcupines. 

In addition to a drive thru safari park the town has an outdoor waterpark, mini golf, go-karts, bumper boats and arcades. Giving the ability to have a fun family filled vacation. 

However, one of the neatest attractions is the Liberty Aviation Museum that allows the ability to take a walk back into the past. 

Featuring airplanes, cars and RV’s from earlier times in history. [Read also: Things to Do in Port Clinton]


The ultimate summer fun destination for the whole family. 

The town features Cedar Point Amusement Park that is perfect for spending the day exploring the many roller coaster rides throughout the park. 

Furthermore, the roller coaster rides offer amazing views of Lake Erie, making it the perfect summer attraction.

In addition to an amusement park, the town features safaris, waterparks, mini-golf and go-karting. Making it the perfect destination for a family vacation. 

Put-in-Bay Island

The Put-in-Bay Island is also known as South Bass Island. The island offers a perfect place for a day-cation or weekend getaway. 

The island is accessible by the Put-in-Bay Ferry and once arrive to the island you can rent a golf cart or bike to get aroundThese forms of transportation are preferred over a vehicle as the island has limited parking.

Once arrived to the island there are several different activities to partake in. The island offers two different caves, the Perry Cave and Crystal Cave

Both caves can be toured. Furthermore, the island has a butterfly house, antique car museum and the South Bass Island State Park

The South Bass Island State Park offers boat rentals (both motorized and personalized watercrafts) and a swimming beach. 

Making it a great destination to spend in the outdoors enjoying Lake Erie.

The island offers a more relaxing experience with multiple wineries and a boardwalk. The boardwalk has excellent views and great restaurants to grab a bite to eat.

Kelleys Island

Kelleys Island is a must visit destination on Lake Erie. The island features a variety of different activities and attractions. 

One of the most unique attractions being the Glacial Grooves that features glacial formations that were formed over 18,000 ago. 

Furthermore the Glacial Grooves contain marine fossils that are over 350 – 400 million years old. 

Another great attraction located within the island is Kellys Island State Park which features a variety of outdoor activities such as hiking, biking, fishing and kayaking. 

Making it a perfect destination for nature lovers. In addition to the amazing outdoor activities offered on the island you can also try some amazing wine at Monarch Winery & Butterfly Box or Kelley’s Island Wine Company’s Cellar. 

There is so much to do at Kelleys Island [Read also: Top Attractions at Kelleys Island, Ohio].

Full List of Must Visit Beach Towns on Lake Erie, Ohio

  1. Marblehead
  2. Port Clinton
  3. Sandusky
  4. Put-in-Bay
  5. Kellys Island

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