Southern Illinois Wineries to Visit this Year

Located in Southern Illinois is the Shawnee Hill Wine Trail. The Shawnee Hill Wine Trail features 11 wineries over 40 miles. The drive between all the wineries is peaceful and scenic, making this trip worth taking! Below is a description of all 11 wineries.

Alto Vineyards

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Alto Vineyards is one of the eleven featured wineries on the Shawnee Hills Wine Trail. Alto Wineries offer a scenic view from their deck overlooking a gorgeous pond.

Alto Vineyards offers ample seating to accommodate their guest. You can find seating in their screened-in patio, gazebo, or inside the main building. Allowing you to enjoy your wine with excellent views throughout the entire facility.

Blue Sky Vineyards

Blue Sky Vineyards offer a unique experience. The winery has an Italian vibe with a Tuscan-style architect. Thus giving an authentic feel while providing a spectacular view for you to enjoy while sipping your wine.

The views include the 13 acres of land the winery sits on and over 7,750 vines they use to make the wine you drink there. In addition to wine, they also serve a full menu of food, including appetizers, sandwiches, pizza, and desserts. Blue Sky Vineyards is just for you if you want a winery where you can relax and enjoy the scenery.

Feather Hill Winery

Tucked alongside the Shawnee Hill Forest is Feather Hill Winery. You can enjoy sipping wines while taking in the gorgeous views of vineyards, ponds, and scenic farmland.

The winery features an oversized deck and interior seating allowing for plenty of room for everyone! The grounds are well-kept, making them perfect for a picnic.

Peachbarn Winery

Sip on wine and enjoy a bite to eat inside the 1945 barn that gives this winery a charismatic feel. The barn was initially created in 1945 and later restored by the original owners, Gerd & Anders Hedman. 

It’s a cute story of how the winery got its name. The barn was built initially to harvest peaches, and that is how the name of the winery came about.

Hickory Ridge Vineyard

Hickory Ridge Vineyard is nestled on the Western side of Shawnee Hill Wine Trail, next to Shawnee National Forest. Thus allowing for a scenic backdrop as you sip on your wine. You can enjoy views of rolling hills and tree lines as far as the eye can see. 

Hickory Ridge Vineyard offers scenic views from their tasting rooms and decks. If you are out and about the Shawnee Hills Wine Trail, then be sure to check out Hickory Ridge Vineyard.

Honker Hill Winery

Honker Hill Winery is located in Carbondale, Illinois, and this winery has much to offer.

For one, they provide a wide variety of wines, from semi-sweet to semi-dry. Their wine is produced from their vineyards. 

Allowing you to taste the wine that is made in their facility. Since the wine is unique to the facility, you may want to opt into their tasting room to try samples.

Another significant aspect of the Honker Hill Winery is the scenic views they have to offer. They keep their grounds pristine, allowing for gorgeous views while sipping wine. With a patio and gazebo, there is plenty of seating. 

However, you can also take a walk around the pond while enjoying wine and the company you are with.

Check out this family-owned winery if you want a relaxing day to enjoy the company and take in gorgeous views.

Kite Hill Winery

Come out to Kite Hill Winery in Carbondale, Illinois, and experience a wide variety of wines. Kite Hill offers various dry, semi-dry, semi-sweet, and sweet wines.

Furthermore, you can choose from a variety of white and red wines. Each wine features a unique blend offering different flavors. 

Kite Hill Winery does change its combinations allowing for new flavors. Therefore, giving you the ability to try something new.

Another significant aspect Of Kite Hill Winery is they have award-winning wines that you can try. If you need help deciding which wine to pick, stop by the tasting room, and their staff can assist.

In addition to offering award-winning wine, Kite Hill Winery also has scenic views. You can sit on the deck overlooking a lake. 

Allowing you to enjoy spectacular views while sipping on wine and enjoying the company of those around you.

Kite Hill Winery has a lot to offer when you come to visit. From scenic views to a large variety of wines. So come out to Kite Hill Winery and see what they offer.

Owl Creek Winery

Owl Creek Winery is another lovely winery located on the Shawnee Hills Wine Trail. The winery has so much to offer, from scenic views and a large variety of wine to food.

Owl Creek Winery offers a wide variety of white and red wines, from dry – sweet. 

If you have never been to Owl Creek Winery, just stop by the tasting room to try some samples to find your favorite wines. 

In addition to wines, they also offer hard ciders. Making it perfect for those who may not be avid wine drinkers.

Another significant aspect of the winery is they offer food. You can pair your wines with certain dishes or grab a bite to eat to help soak up the alcohol. 

Food includes salads, paninis, and appetizers such as garlic bread and quesadillas. Their food menu is online, so you can view it anytime.

If food and drinks weren’t enough to get you out here, then the views will. 

You can experience the gorgeous sceneries of their grapes vines while sipping on wine. It’s a great way to spend the day relaxing while enjoying amazing views and great company.

Pomona Winery

Pomona Winery is another winery featured on Shawnee Hills Wine Trail. The winery is tucked away in the Shawnee National Forest, allowing for a scenic drive upon arrival.

The winery is surrounded by beautiful woodland views. So make sure to grab a spot under the covered deck to enjoy the scenic wooded backdrop’s views as you drink your wine and relax. Pomona Winery also has a garden picnic area you can stroll through.

Another significant aspect of this winery is that they do not offer food. Why is that great? That means you can bring your own food, allowing you to pack an old fashion picnic with food of your choice. So grab the whicker basket and blanket, pack your favorite foods, and head out to Pomona Winery for a picnic.

If you have never been to Pomona Winery, they have a wide variety of wines. What makes them distinct is that they offer non-grape wine. In fact, they have wine made from locally grown fruit. So be sure to stop and head to the tasting room to sample some award-winning wine.

StarView Vineyards

StarView Vineyards is a family-owned and operated winery in Southern Illinois. Located in a rural town called Cobden, Illinois.

The winery features scenic views of vineyards, ponds, and bluffs around the premise. The facility keeps its grounds pristine, allowing for an elegant and upscale experience. Furthermore, the facility offers ample seating. With a deck that overlooks the ponds, you can drink your wine while being a part of nature.

Another significant aspect of StarView Vineyard is the wide variety of foods and alcoholic beverages they offer. They have plenty of wines, including dry, semi-sweet, or sweet. If you are not an avid wine drinker, then choose from the selection of locally brewed beers. If you get hungry, just order from their cafe. They offer snacks, sandwiches, and salads.

Von Jakob Vineyard

The last winery on the Shawnee Hills Wine Trail is Von Jakob Vineyard. This is a family-owned winery located in Alto Pass, Illinois.

The vineyard features over 20 wines, a large selection of handcrafted beers, and award-winning hard apple cider. 

So you need to check out Von Jakob Vineyards if you are an avid wine drinker, beer drinker, or just love apple cider. 

They have a tasting room allowing you to sample various wines until you find the one you love.

Von Jakob Winery also has the Shawnee Wine Trail Restaurant, which includes various food. 

Food includes shared plates, pizzas, sandwiches, and even tacos. Allowing you to pair your wine or beer with your favorite foods.

The winery also offers scenic views. While at Von Jakob Winery, you can experience views of a lake and rolling tree lines as far as the eye can see. 

Furthermore, the facility offers an oversized deck and ample outdoor patio seating, so you won’t have trouble finding a place to sit.

Full List of Shawnee Hill Wine Trail

  1. Alto Vineyards
  2. Blue Sky Vineyards
  3. Feather Hill Winery
  4. Peachbarn Winery
  5. Hickory Ridge Vineyard
  6. Honker Hill Winery
  7. Kite Hill Winery 
  8. Owl Creek Winery
  9. Pomona Winery 
  10. StarView Vineyard
  11. Von Jakob Vineyard

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