Wineries in Ste Genevieve

Sainte Genevieve is a Missouri River Town established in the 1740s. The location of Ste. Genevieve makes it a perfect area to grow grapes to produce wine! 

Ste. Genevieve is an ideal trip for you and your girlfriends. While in Ste. Genevieve, you must check out the six wineries on the Route Du Vin Wine Trail. While visiting each winery, you will enjoy the scenic route through Ste. Genevieve and the surrounding towns. 

Below are the six wineries featured on the Route Du Vin Wine Trail.

Cave Vineyard Winery

Do you want to drink wine in a cave? Heck yeah! The Cave Vineyard Winery allows you to drink wine in a cave. It is only a brisk walk from the tasting room located atop the hill. However, if you are not interested in sipping a glass of wine in a cave, they also offer a pavilion with excellent views of rolling hills surrounded by trees.

When you visit, stop by the tasting room to try samples of different wines, this allows you to find the perfect wine for a bottle to enjoy in the cave or pavilion. If you are not an avid wine drinker, don’t freight. Cave Vineyard Winery also brews its own beer offering bottles for sale.

Important Information: Hours of operation may differ depending on season. Check website for current hours. For questions, call the winery at 573-543-5284.

Charleville Vineyard & Winery

f you are looking for a friendly winery that allows you to feel at home on the Route Du Vine Wine Trail, you must check out this winery. Located high above the Saline Creek Valley is Charleville Vineyard & Winery. This winery offers gorgeous views to enjoy while sipping your wine.

Charleville Vineyard & Winery has a tasting room with a patio allowing ample seating. Stop in to sample wine (cost extra) or try a flight of locally brewed beer. If you are hungry, you must try one of their wood-fired pizzas.

Important Information: Charleville Vineyard & Winery hours of operation may change. Check the website for more information. 

Sand Creek Vineyard

Drinking wine at winery

Sand Creek Vineyard was established in 2008 and has made a name for itself. The family-owned winery offers a variety of fine wines for you to choose from. While sipping your wine, you can sit under the outdoor covered patio with a fireplace and scenic views. amazing does that sound?

You can choose something to eat from their menu if you get hungry. The menu includes pizza, crackers, and chocolates, among other choices. 

Another great aspect of sand creek vineyard is that dogs are welcome! Therefore, you can bring your fur baby (who must be kept on a leash) and enjoy this winery’s beautiful view.

Important Information: Sand Creek Vineyard is at 3578 Creek Road, Farmington, Missouri, 63640.  Sand Creek Vineyard can be reached during business hours at 573-756-9999. Check Sand Creek Vineyard website for current hours. 

Twin Oaks Vineyard

Another winery along the Du Vin Wine Trail is Twin Oaks Vineyard. The winery is located on around 150 acres allowing for gorgeous and pristine views of the land. The patio, tasting room, and glasshouse have beautiful views overlooking the large pond! 

Suppose you are looking for a winery to relax while you sip on your wine. Then you must come to visit the Twin Oak Vineyards. You will love the views this winery has to offer.

Important Information: Visit Twin Oaks Vineyards Website for hours of operation and more information. 

Chaumette Vineyards & Winery

Another lovely winery located along Ste. Genevieve’s Route Du Vin Wine Trail is the Chaumette Vineyards & Winery. The winery offers scenic views and a picturesque backdrop to enjoy while relaxing and sipping wine.

While here, check out their award-winning wine. You can get six samples for a small fee; if you are a wine club member, then samples are free.

Stop by and check out this unique vineyard today. In addition to wine, they have the Grapevine Grill Restaurant, serving both lunch and dinner.

Important Information: Outside food and beverage are not permitted. If you are not interested in eating at Chaumette Vineyards & Winery restaurant, they have a lighter fare menu until 4:00 pm. Please note the Tasting Room and Grapevine Grill are closed on Mondays & Tuesdays. Please check Chaumette Winery FAQ for more information or call them at 573-747-1000. Hours may change without notice. Please visit the website for an updated list of hours.

Full List of Ste. Genevieve 'Route Du Vin Wine Trail'

  1. Cave Vineyard Winery
  2. Charleville Vineyard & Winery
  3. Sand Creek Vineyard
  4. Twin Oaks Vineyard
  5. Chaumette Vineyards & Winery 

Come Visit the Ste Genevieve’s Route Du Vin Wine Trail

We hope you enjoyed the article above and found the information useful. Each winery is unique and distinct in its way. If you are looking for other wineries, check out the Discover Top Wineries in Hermann MO, Wineries in Augusta MO, or a comprehensive list of Saint Louis Wine Destinations to Visit this Year.

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