Top 10 Family Activities in Kansas City

Family Attractions in Kansas City

Are you looking for family-friendly activities around Kansas City, Missouri?Looking for something unique and exciting to do with your kids in Kansas City this weekend. 

Maybe you are visiting Kansas City for the first time and want a memorable vacation for your family. Either way, we have a comprehensive list of activities for you to enjoy as a family.

Worlds of Fun

Worlds of Fun is an amusement park located outside Kansas City, Missouri. The amusement park offers various roller coasters, from thrill rides to those catered to little children. Thus, allowing your family to have a great time regardless of the age and height of your child.

In addition to roller coaster rides, the park also offers different shows and events. Shows vary from year to year and usually include a variety of live performances, from concerts to plays.

In addition to performances, Worlds of Fun hosts various events such as Haunted Halloween, the 4th of July Party, and a Winter Holiday. The circumstances change from year to year so check their website for a complete list of events for the year you plan to attend.

Crown Center

Another great attraction is Crown Center. The shopping complex is unlike any other, filled with shops, restaurants, and entertainment. We mean, lots of entertainment. Crown Center is the home to SEA LIFE Kansas City and LEGOLAND® Discovery Center.

SEA LIFE Kansas City offers a unique experience for the entire family. The indoor aquarium contains thousands of different species for your child to explore. Furthermore, they have a tunnel that allows you to walk between aquariums. WHAT?? How cool is that?

Then you have LEGOLAND that offers just as unique of an experience. Here you can see the city through the creation of legos. Furthermore, your child will love the indoor LEGO playground, rides, and the 4D movie. 

Another significant aspect of SEA Life Kansas City and LEGOLAND® Discovery Center is that you can purchase passes for each together and save!

Crown Center has even more to offer! Your children will love Kaleidoscope, which is FREE. Kaleidoscope provides an outlet for children to express their creativity. Having various projects allows for a unique experience each time you visit.

Another excellent entertainment venue at Crown Center is The Coterie Theatre, located on the first floor of Crown Center. The Coterie Theatre is a non-profit organization that provides performances targeted to families and young adults.

Furthermore, the Coterie Theatre offers various classes such as ‘young playwrights’ roundtable, Imaginative Inventors, Exploring the Extraordinary, and many more.

Classes are dedicated to children as young as 3 years old. Check out The Coterie Theatre website for more information on their different plays and courses.

In addition to the various entertainment venues at Crown Center, you can also experience several dining venues. This includes Fritz’s Railroad Restaurant, where you pick up a phone to order your food and have a train deliver it. 

After eating, check out Chip’s Chocolate Factory, where you can watch fudge being made right before you! If you love popcorn, stop by Topsy’s to get a bag!

These are just a few of the many dining options they have to offer at Crown Center. Please check their directory for a complete list of options.

View the Full Directory of Crown Center’s

Adventure Oasis Water Park

Going to a waterpark is a great way to spend the summer days!

Are you looking for some fun under the sun?
Then look no further. Adventure Oasis Water Park is located outside of Kansas City in Independence, Missouri. The waterpark has three water slides, a lap pool, and a lazy river.

Furthermore, the swimming pool has an interactive play structure that features a bucket dump (a bucket that fills with water and pours on the bystanders below). The interactive installation is perfect for the little ones who may not be old enough to go down the slides and swim in the lap pool.

Cool Crest Family Fun Center

Cool Crest Family Fun Center is another excellent family-oriented attraction in Independence, Missouri. Cool Crest features outdoor mini-golf, go-karts, batting cages, KidsGym Playland, and arcades. What better way to spend the day than playing mini-golf with your kids, riding go-karts, and watching them as they play their favorite arcade games?

If your children are into baseball or softball, they will love the batting cages. It’s a great way to spend time with your children and make memories with them while they are still young.

WWI Museum

Located in Kansas City, Missouri, is the WWI Museum which provides an educational experience about the first world war.

There are several exhibits at the WWI Museum, some permanent while others change. Allowing for a different experience every time you visit. Exhibits explain the uprising to the completion of the World War, giving a better understanding of how it happened.

Some of the things you can expect to see while there are several life-size trenches. Therefore, giving an idea of what it may feel like to be in the trenches during the war.

While here, make sure to stop by the Kemper Horizon Theater to watch a short film that educates about America entering the war. This is a great place to visit if you are interested in learning about World War I.

Kansas City Zoo

The Kansas City Zoo is a beautiful place to visit in Kansas City. The Zoo features over 1,700 animals with over 200+ species. The Zoo is a great way to see your favorite animals, such as roaring lions, slithering snakes, or the furry bobcat.

If your family is really into animals, you may be interested in the Animal Encounters at the Zoo. There are a select few animals that are a part of this program. These animals include camels, penguins, tortoises, and even a rhino. It’s a great way to learn more about each animal and get a behind-the-scenes look at their living quarters.

If you still can’t get enough of these adorable animals, then be sure to check out the Zoo’s Animal Camera. This allows you to see various animals from home anytime throughout the day.

Another significant aspect of the Kansas City Zoo is the various rides and transportation, allowing you to experience a sky lift, riverboat cruise, tram, train, and carousel rides. The park also has an African Sky Safari lift that takes you into the air. As you are in the air, you will pass over several different animal exhibits allowing you to look down on the zebras and rhinos, among other animals.

Suppose you are looking for a relaxing experience. You may be interested in the Kenyan Cruise, a boat ride around zoo lake. In addition to the various rides that take you around the park, you can also go to the Carousel Ride. Carousel Rides are a favorite for the littlest children.

The Kansas City Zoo is featured in the POGO Pass. A program that allows the ability to visit several different locations at one low price. 

Berry Patch

The Berry Patch is a unique experience as it allows your family to pick their blueberries and blackberries. You can roam over 20 acres of land, finding the perfect berries. It is also a great way to educate your children about agriculture. It allows them to see how berries are grown and understand the seasons in which they grow.

Blueberry picking season is from June to the middle of August, while Blackberries are from July to the end of August. Please check the Berry Patch website for current availability before coming out. With many individuals coming to pick the fields, they may run out early.

Another significant aspect of the Berry Patch is they allow you to bring food and drinks (non-alcoholic) to enjoy a picnic. They even provide picnic tables.

Furthermore, the picnic tables are located next to the playground allowing your children hours of fun even after picking berries, making this the perfect family outing.
While here, don’t forget to stop by the bakery and country store!

Important Information: Blackberries are only picked on Tuesday and Saturday mornings during the picking season. Blackberries have thorns, so wear pants and long sleeves to prevent getting scratched.

Science City

Science City is another excellent destination for your children to explore and learn. The Science City offers an educational experience and discovery that allows children to try new experiences. Therefore, allowing them to find possible unknown hobbies and interests.

The facility provides various exhibits for your children to explore when visiting. These exhibits include a Goppert Creative Corner that allows them to paint on windows allowing their artwork to be seen by all, sculpt sand through different tools, and so much more. The creative room allows your children to use their imagination to create their masterpieces.

Another exhibit offered at the science center is the Maker Studio. It allows your children to explore different skills through their six lab areas, including The Fiber Lab, Fabrication Lab, CNC Lab, Digital Lab, Electronics Lab, and 3D Printing Lab.

Then, the Test Kitchen allows kids to learn about the different food types they eat daily! It is a fun and educational experience for them to understand the foods they digest.

These are just a few different exhibits the Science City in Kansas City offers. The Science City is an excellent way for your children to have a blast while exploring and learning!

Important Information: Some exhibits are only during certain times. Please check the exhibit times to plan your trip accordingly.

Main Events

Are you looking to make memories with your family? Have a fun night out on the town, hearing your child’s giggles while they are having the time of their life. Then look no further.

Main Events offers a variety of different activities for your family to enjoy. These activities include Laser Tab, Arcade Games, and Bowling. Allowing for hours of entertainment! The newest addition to Main Events is Virtual Reality Games! Immerse yourself into another world as you put on your headset and enter the game.

Great Wolf Lodge Waterpark

Great Wolf Lodge Waterpark is a great way to spend a rainy or cold winter day. Having the waterpark indoors allows you to go swimming all year round! The best part is, you don’t have to have a room reserved to go swimming here!

Great Wolf Lodge Waterpark has so much to offer! One of the best aspects is the four-story slide you can go down. Yes, that’s right, the Alberta Falls Slide is four stories. In addition to the Alberta Falls slide, the park offers several other slides for your family to enjoy.

The indoor water park also has basketball hoops that allow you to shoot hoops. Furthermore, the indoor waterpark offers a swimming pool, a lazy river, and an interactive play area with a four-story treehouse. Great Wolf Lodge Waterpark has so much to offer that everyone in your family will enjoy playing in the water.

Full List of 10 Things to Do with Your Family in Kansas City

  1. Worlds of Fun
  2. Crown Center
  3. Adventure Oasis Waterpark
  4. Cool Crest Family Fun Center
  5. WWI Museum
  6. Kansas City Zoo
  7. Berry Patch
  8. Science City 
  9. Main Events
  10. Great Wolf Lodge Waterpark

Let us know in the comments below what your favorite thing to do in Kansas City is. We would love to hear. 

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