Washington Island Attractions to Explore

Washington Island is a hidden gem in Wisconsin. 

The Island makes for a perfect day-cation or a weekend getaway. The Island is full of activities that are perfect for anyone. 

Activities include beaches, farms, lavender fields, and exploring an excluded island. Check out the list below of the must-see attractions around Washington Island.

Washington Island Ferry Line

The Island is only accessible by ferry, making the adventure start before you even get to the Island. 

Once you walk or board your car onto the ferry, you can explore the deck above, which features open-air seating and heated cabins (during bad weather). 

The short trip across the lake provides gorgeous views, especially during sunset.

Since the only transportation to Washington Island is by boat, the ferry can have a long wait time to board during peak season. So make sure to arrive early. The ferry boards from Ellison Bay, Wisconsin.

Rent a Moped or Bicycle

One great thing about Washington Island is the ability to quickly get around the Island on a Moped or Bicycle. On the Island, there are a variety of different rental options. 

There are the standard regular or electric bicycles you can paddle your way through the Island. Another option is the Surrey Bike, which adds fun and adventure of transportation throughout the Island. 

If speed is your style, then a moped rental may be what you need.

Renting a moped or a bicycle is a great way to explore the Island besides the standard car. Furthermore, the Island features limited parking with most of its attractions. 

Having a bike gives leeway for finding parking in overpacked parking lots. Making this a perfect option for busy holiday weekends on the Island.

School House Beach

School House Rock Beach is a fantastic destination located on Washington Island. 

The beach features crystal clear waters that splash against the rocky shore. The beach is relatively small; however, the crystal clear waters make up for it. 

The waters can be cold due to the Island being located North. Although later in the summer, the waters are swimmable. 

Therefore, it may be best to check the temperature of the water before going, especially if swimming on the beach is the main reason for visiting.

Rock Island

Rock Island is a 975-acre uninhabited land that is accessible by ferry from Washington Island only from Memorial Day – Columbus Day. 

The Island does not allow vehicles or bikes. However, the Island has miles of shorelines, swimming beaches, and primitive campground sites. 

Not allowing cars enables the Island to be free of pollution, allowing for amazing night sky views, making it a great place to camp in Wisconsin.

Other great attractions within the Island is the ability to tour the Pottawatomie Lighthouse, visit the Boathouse, and learn about the history of the Island. 

From the Boathouse are various hiking trails that consume 10 miles and take you around the Island. It is an excellent place for individuals interested in exploring off-the-beaten paths.

Lavender Fields

The Lavenders Fields offer a unique and memorable experience. 

The fields feature over 30,000 lavender plants with over 14 different variants. 

For a small fee, you can walk around the garden and relax while enjoying the fresh smell of lavender. After walking around the garden, stop by the gift shop for some goodies to take back with you.

Washington Island Farm Museum

Step back in time to what farming was like before modernization. 

The Washington Island Farm and Museum is a great educational experience for the whole family. Along the farmland are several buildings containing facts about the Island. 

While on the self-guided tour throughout the farm, there are many other things to see, such as a collection of farm equipment or old living quarters, Allowing for a view back in time.

Sand Dunes Beach Park

The Sand Dunes Beach Park features soft sandy beaches. With the water’s being crystal clear makes it a perfect swimming destination. 

The beach is often less crowded than School House Rock Beach, making it an ideal destination to spend the day relaxing while enjoying your family in a peaceful and tranquil setting. 

Another significant aspect of the beach is the sand dunes which are climbable, Making it a great destination to bring children.

Johnson County Park

Johnson County Park is an excellent place to picnic and relaxes on Washington Island. 

The park is usually not busy, allowing for a quiet area to relax and enjoy the company of those at your party.

Another significant aspect of the park is the small beach area that features shallow waters. However, depending on the time of the year and the lake level determine whether the beach area is swimmable. 

The lake offers a great swimming beach when the water levels are high enough.

Domer-Neff Nature Preserve

The Domer-Neff Nature Preserve is a great place to explore nature and watch birds in their natural habitat. 

The preserve features over 43 acres of land and has around 218 species of birds. 

Throughout the preserve is a 1-mile hiking trail that loops throughout the park. 

The course offers a scenic landscape of wildflowers, shrubs, grass fields, and trees. 

It is an excellent place for a peaceful walk while spotting the various birds throughout the preserve.

Washington Island Stavkirke

The Washington Island Stavkirke is noted to be an incredibly peaceful and awe-inspiring destination. 

The Washington Island Stavkirke is a church built in 1995 to resemble the Norwegian Borgund Chapel. The building is open daily. While here, make sure to check out the prayer path.

Full List of Must See Attractions around Washington Island, Wisconsin

  1. Washington Island Ferry Line
  2. Rent a Bicycle or Moped
  3. School House Beach
  4. Rock Island
  5. Lavender Fields
  6. Washington Island Farm Museum
  7. Sand Dunes Beach Park
  8. Johnson County Park
  9. Domer-Neff Nature Preserve
  10. Washington Island Stavkirke

Let us know if you have been to Washington Island. Comment below some of the attractions you saw and how your experience on the island went. We would love to hear. 

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