Worst Foods for Your Skin

In a world where magazines, television, and online media heavily emphasize appearance can make it stressful to live in a woman’s world. 

Especially as the clock ticks forward, so does the unstoppable signs of aging.

Luckily, we can do a few things to help our skin look younger and healthier without going to the medical spa. 

One significant way to help our skin glow is through a healthy diet.

Avoiding the foods listed below can help improve your skin by giving it a healthy glow and a younger appearance.

Why is eating healthily crucial for your skin?

Some foods are great for your skin, while others are just horrible. 

Some cause pimples, while others cause premature aging. 

Either way, flawless glowing skin can be enhanced by what we eat.

On the contrary, we can cause our skin to look dull by the food we put into our mouths. 

Check out the list below of the worst foods we can consume if wanting beautiful gorgeous skin.

Fast Foods

Another sign of a bad first date idea is eating fast food. This may leave your date feeling cheap.

That late-night cheeseburger and fries may taste amazing; however, it is horrible for your skin. 

Studies have indicated that eating fast foods regularly increases the chances of having acne.

Therefore, you may be safe eating that greasy cheeseburger and fries on occasion. 

Although, if consuming fast foods regularly, then the chances of getting acne may increase.

Processed Sugar

Processed sugar can make almost anything taste better. 

Unfortunately, processed sugar links to premature aging. Yikes, none of us want that.

According to UnityPoint Health, “Sugar causes cross-linking of collagen, resulting in stiffening and loss of elasticity of our skin.”

The loss of elasticity can cause the appearance of looking older than your actual age. 

Thus, limiting processed sugars is essential to maintain your skin’s elasticity. [Read also: How to Curve Your Sugar Craving Naturally]


Another spending habit keeping you broke is bad daily habits such as coffee, smoking or alcohol.

Caffeine, often found in coffee, can cause acne. High amounts of caffeine can cause stress on the body, affecting stress hormones. 

Increased stress hormones can cause more oil production, causing a breakout.

Another way caffeine can be bad for your skin is if you drink soda, sugar-filled lattes, or energy drinks. These drinks usually contain tons of sugar, fat, and carbs. 

Most lattes are filled with pumps of flavored syrups, drizzled syrups adding unnecessary fat, carbs and sugar to the overall diet. 

Soda’s are packed with sugar and depending on the type, full of caffeine. 

Therefore, soda gives the ability to intake large amounts of sugar and caffeine in a small time frame. 


Dairy is considered a pro-inflammatory food, so for those who suffer from acne or eczema, dairy will only worsen it.

According to Business Insider, Skim Milk is the worst milk you can drink for the skin.

Due to the whey protein, hormones, and sugar added can cause more issues for your skin than any other type of milk.


Store-bought frozen pizza is linked to high amounts of sugar, fat, and sodium, making them an unhealthy choice. 

Furthermore, processed pizza can contain ingredients such as food coloring and preservatives that add to the overall unhealthiness of pizza.

In addition to the pizza having high amounts of grease, fats, sodium, and sugar, it also features a high glycemic index which causes premature aging of the skin by breaking down collagen. 

Collagen is needed to keep the face looking young and tight.

Therefore, having a pizza and movie night is OK, just only some nights.

Mixed Drinks- Alcohol

We have a list of activities to avoid on a first date. Having a substance abuse issue is another sign of a toxic friendship and one that you may want to consider letting go

Alcohol affects the skin in an entirely different way. 

Alcohol is known to dehydrate the body, which in turn deprives the skin of the liquid it needs to stay tight and firm. 

Furthermore, dehydration takes away from the radiation and glow of the skin. Therefore, making alcohol a no-no for beautiful glowing skin.

Although occasional drinking is OK, there could be long-term effects on your skin if you regularly and excessively drink alcohol.


Chocolate can come in the form of a delicious candy bar, cookies, or brownies; however, it is high in sugars and fats. 

Both sugar and fats are bad for you as it fights against the collagen in your skin and causes premature aging.

Although chocolate candy bars, syrups, and other refined foods are bad for you, surprisingly, dark chocolate or Cocoa can be good for your skin.

In fact, according to Conlin Health Care, “dark chocolate may also be great for your skin …… can protect against sun damage, improve blood flow to the skin, and increase skin density and hydration.”

Just be careful that the dark chocolate you are consuming is not added with other sugary substances taking away from the health benefits offered.

Junk Food

Processed food may be super delicious. After all, who doesn’t love a good bag of chips with their sandwich every once in a while? 

However, those chips, cookies, and other processed foods found in the middle aisle at the grocery store can cost you more than money. 

That’s right. These foods are also bad for your skin.

Processed foods tend to have trans fat, salt, and sugar, making them harmful to the skin. 

This can cause various issues, from clogged pores to dull skin and even sagging skin. Therefore, limiting the amount of junk food consumed daily is essential.


"Everything in moderation, and there’s a perfect balance in this life if we can find it.”
~ Ryan Robbins

Soda usually contains caffeine and processed sugar, which are both horrible for your skin. 

Processed sugar causes the loss of elasticity of the skin, while caffeine is linked to a dry and frail appearance. 

Thus, making soda a double whammy on your skin.

Instead of drinking soda, try drinking plenty of water and tea to help the skin look healthier.

Eating unhealthy food in moderation is important when it comes to dieting. 

Having an occasional pizza, beer, cheeseburger, and milkshake is fine. 

However, when it becomes the main diet, it can cause issues with the appearance of your skin. 

Therefore, it is imperative to have a healthy diet to maintain a healthy glow and prevent acne and premature aging.

Full List of Worst Foods for Your Skin

  1. Greasy Food 
  2. Processed Food 
  3. Caffeine 
  4. Dairy 
  5. Pizza 
  6. Mixed Drinks_ Alcohol
  7. Chocolate
  8. Junk Food
  9. Soda

In conclusion, the appearance of our skin is heavily influenced by what we eat.

While it can be challenging to resist the temptation of highly processed, sugary junk food.

However, consuming them in moderation is crucial in maintaining healthy and glowing skin.

By avoiding the foods listed above or limiting their intake, we can prevent issues such as acne, premature aging, and dull skin.

Remember, a healthy diet is the key to a beautiful and youthful appearance.

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