Best Places to Visit in Oregon

Punchbowl Falls, Oregon

Located within the Columbia River Gorge National Scenic Area is the Punchbowl Falls. This beautiful 35-foot waterfall made our list because of the beautiful scenery that surrounds it. 

A 10-foot broad waterfall thrust into a body of water below, surrounded by a lush green wooded area, making it a truly spectacular viewing experience.

Cannon Beach, Oregon

Just 90 minutes west of Portland is the iconic Cannon Beach. The beach is a perfect getaway as it is located in a quaint small town that gives it charm.

However, the fantastic views of Haystack Rock from Cannon Beach shorelines draw thousands of visitors each year. 

The Haystack Rock sets this beach apart from the rest. For this reason, it has made our list of the Top 10 Attractions in Oregon.

Cape Perpetua, Oregon

Cape Perpetua, Oregon, is located within Siuslaw National Forest, which covers over 2,700 acres of land. What makes cape Perpetua so unique is the rainforest-like environment you hike through.

The 26-mile trail systems throughout the park allow you to emerge into the rainforest-like environment, making it feel like you are in a different country.

Another noteworthy aspect of Cape Perpetua is that it sits 800 ft over the Pacific Ocean and has the highest viewpoint on the Oregon Coast that you can stop by car to view.

Painted Cove, Oregon

Painted Cove is like taking a walk on another planet. The Painted Cove has a bold desert-like landscape with a boardwalk throughout.

The trail takes approximately 30-45 minutes to walk through, making this a perfect quick stop on your next vacation.

Although Painted Cove is a short trail, the photos throughout are definitely Instagram-worthy.

Ruby Beach, Oregon

Ruby Beach is another gorgeous beach that resides in Olympic National Park. The beach is known to be a peaceful and relaxing destination.

Ruby Beach features reddish sand, driftwood, and unique rock formations, giving the beach a unique presence. 

In addition, the beach features crystal-clear waters making it a great way to get your feet wet. Therefore, making our list of top destinations in Oregon to visit.

Heceta Head, Oregon

Another destination that made our list of Top 10 Outdoor Attractions in Oregon is Heceta Head. 

Heceta Head is a towering headland that rises 1,000 feet above the ocean and features a beach and various hiking trails.

There are various trails to hike at the National Scenic Viewpoints. 

Here, the three trails worth taking are the Hobbit Beach Trail, Heceta Head Lighthouse Trail, and the Baker Beach Trail. Each offers different views and scenery.

Another great attraction is the Heceta Head Lighthouse, a 56-foot-high water tower built in the late 1800s

Lighthouse tours are available to the public with an appointed tour guide. Tours of the lighthouse are only on the outdoor grounds, as the upper level is closed to the public.

If you are looking for a unique place to stay while visiting Heceta Head, check out the Heceta Lighthouse Bed & Breakfast in the Keeper’s Home, with six bedrooms for vacation rentals. 

Here you can stay the night at the Lightkeeper’s Cottage, which offers impressive ocean views.

Abiqua Falls, Oregon

Abiqua Falls is accessible by a short 0.7-mile hike through the Santiam State Forest. The Abiqua Falls Trail takes you to the 92-foot awe-inspiring waterfall.

Although the trail may be short, it is considered rocky and, at times, can be dangerous. The path to Abiqua Falls is not recommended for children or dogs. 

Furthermore, cell signal is limited (if any), so please let someone know where you are going and when you expect to be back.

Please note although the trail is accessible by the public, it is located on private property. 

Stay on the path and abide by the signage to ensure the safety and future use of the trail for others.

Thor's Well, Oregon

Thor’s Well is a unique attraction that everyone should experience at least once. 

Thor’s Well features a round rock formation that gives the impression of water sinking into the ocean.

Thor’s Well is best experienced during high tides and storms. 

However, some say the best time to see it is an hour before high tide to experience both before and during the high tides, allowing for two different views of Thor’s Well.

This attraction is unique, therefore, making out a list of Top 10 Attractions in Oregon to Visit.

Mirror Lake, Oregon

Another destination that made our list of Top 10 Outdoor Attractions in Oregon is Mirror Lake. 

Mirror Lake, located in Oregon, is an absolute must-visit attraction. The lake is accessible by hiking on a 4.3-mile loop trail.

The lake is called Mirror Lake because it reflects Mount Hood, giving it stunning views. 

Mirror lake is accessible from the Mirror Lake trailhead, and you can expect spectacular sights throughout the hike.

Once at the lake, if warm enough, swimming is accessible. Mirror Lake is a great way to get out and explore nature in Oregon.

Arcadia Beach

Arcadia Beach is located just a mile from Cannon Beach. 

It features sandy beaches with a scenic view of gorgeous rock formations, making it a perfect place to take photos with the ones you love. 

If lucky, you may even see a few whales in the ocean. 

If you plan to stop here during lunch, grab a picnic, as it’s a great place to relax while enjoying a quick bite.

Full List of Top 10 Outdoor Attractions in Oregon

  1. Punchbowl Falls
  2. Cannon Beach
  3. Cape Perpetua
  4. Painted Cove
  5. Ruby Beach
  6. Heceta Head
  7. Abiqua Falls
  8. Thor’s Well
  9. Mirror Lake
  10. Arcadia Beach
Best Places to Visit in Oregon

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