Positive Topics to Start a Conversation at Your Next Dinner Party

Dinner parties are a great way to bring different groups of people together—a chance for your guests to meet new people, network, and get to know one another.

The hostess with the mostest will be able to take the conversation off of themselves and give others the ability to speak about themselves in an uplifting and positive manner.

Giving everyone at the party the ability to talk about themselves helps everyone connect by allowing each individual to share their own stories.

Although hosting a dinner party is an excellent way for people to meet, it can take a lot of work to get the conversation started and off in a positive direction. 

Positive discussions can lead to everyone leaving your dinner party feeling uplifted and happy.

Below is a list of positive topics to start a conversation at your next dinner party.

Amora V Lifestyle have a full list of positive topics to start a conversation at your next dinner party.

1. Give Praise to Someone at the Party

Introductions are a great time to give praise at a dinner party. 

Everyone loves positive recognition, which is an excellent way to start a conversation. 

Highlighting someone’s good deeds, accomplishments, and hard work allows them to give detail about it more without feeling the need to brag about themselves. 

Giving positive recognition opens the conversation window for them to speak about it —a win-win.

2. Talk about an Amazing Life Event

Another great way to get the conversation flowing is by telling those around you about a fantastic life event. 

Bringing up a unique life event that happened to you or others at the party is another great way to get the conversation going.

A significant life event can be a recent marriage, a new job position, or relocating to a different city. 

It’s a great way to allow others around you to extend on the great news by asking follow-up questions and giving praise.

3. Ask About a Goal and/or Project Someone is Working on

One way to get the conversation started at your next dinner party is by asking about a goal or project someone is working on.

If someone is starting a new journey in life, such as actively volunteering for a non-profit, taking in foster kids, trying to learn a new skill, or starting their own business, and you know it is going well, it makes for a great conversation starter.

Other goals and projects can include a guest at your party working on a project that can land them a promotion if successful, or maybe someone else is actively writing a book and wanting to get published.

Allowing guests to speak about their current goals and projects enables them to meet others who may have ways to help them complete the project. 

It may be someone who has connections to a publisher for the individual writing the book. 

Possibly, someone at the party has already implemented a similar project in their job and can give solid advice on their strengths and struggles.

Allowing others to speak about goals and projects in their life allows those interested in the person to extend the conversation further. 

Thus, allowing guests to network with one another.

Speaking about various goals and projects different guests are working towards is a great way for guests to speak out about themselves and share their journey. 

For this reason, it made our list of positive topics to get the conversation flowing at your next dinner party.

4. Talk about a Recent Trip

Traveling is a perfect positive conversation starter to have at a dinner party. Know of anyone who recently took a trip or loves to travel?

Talking about a recent trip is a great way to open the door to further discussion about travel, such as the best places to travel, recommendations of places to visit, and things to see.

Most individuals have a favorite vacation story, such as the perfect honeymoon on the beach or that dream destination they finally visited. 

Therefore, making traveling a positive conversation starter for your next dinner party.

5. Ask How They Met

Asking how a couple met is a great way to the conversation started on a positive topic.

Asking a couple how they met is a great conversation starter, especially when someone brings a date for the first time to a dinner party.

It is an excellent way for the couple to open up about their relationship and the cute story of how they met. 

It’s a perfect way for others to chime in about how they met their partner and hear cute relationship stories from different couples at the party.

Pro tips make sure to listen and take notes, as this will help start conversations among strangers. 

For example, when introducing the couple to someone new, you can start the conversation by saying did you hear how Y and Z met? It is the cutest story I have to tell it.

6. Ask About Weekend Plans

If someone at the dinner party is always going to exciting events, festivals, or concerts, this makes for a great conversation starter. 

Just ask about their weekend plans or if they are going to any upcoming events. 

From here, you can surely get the conversation going with a few follow-up questions.

7. Give a Compliment

Giving a compliment is another way to get the conversation started on a positive topic.

Another great way to open the door to the conversation is by giving a compliment. Especially if you know the person has a particular interest or hobby.

For example, I love that scarf. Is that one that you make for your Etsy shop?

It allows the person to talk about where they got their scarf, and it can also circle the conversation back around to their business—allowing them to promote their shop and possibly discuss a similar interest with others.

8. Give Introductions

If unsure what to discuss, giving a basic introduction is the best way.

If someone shows up at your dinner party that you are meeting for the first time, then giving a basic introduction is best.

Pro Tip: Make sure you remember their name.

Remembering their name and introducing them around the party makes them feel welcome.

If introducing two or more individuals who do not know each other, then asking fundamental questions is a great way to get the conversation going.

Questions can be such as:

  • Are you into any good podcasts or books?
  • How do you like spending your free time?

Introductions are a great way to get two or more people to meet and connect. 

Introductions go a long way and can extend the conversation into a mutual connection. Thus, allowing the group to chat and get to know one another.

9. Tell a Story or a Fun Fact

Telling an exciting story that ties into the party is a great way to get a conversation flowing. 

This can include fun facts that tie into the dinner party. 

Doing this will make the conversation go smoothly, avoiding awkwardness, especially in gaps within the conversation, allowing you to transition the conversation smoothly into another topic.

For example, fun facts that can tie into a dinner party include the information behind the Artist whose painting is on your wall or how your china collection came into existence. 

This is especially great if you have a rare painting from a well-known artist. 

Possibly the china collection has a cute backstory of how you collected it.

If the items around the house cannot provide a unique or interesting story, then possibly telling how something went hilariously disastrous getting ready for the dinner party.

Interesting facts and stories are a great way to break the ice and get the conversation flowing. 

Having the facts and stories tied to the dinner party makes it a less awkward way to start or transition a conversation.

10. Talk about Family

Talking about family is a great way to start a positive conversation at your next dinner party. 

Most people love to talk about their kids and brag about them too. If an individual does not have kids, ask how their siblings and/or parents are doing.

Asking about family is essential if you have met them during previous encounters. If you have met your friend’s family directly, ask how each person is doing by name. 

Remembering their name shows you care about this person enough to show interest in their family. This is especially true if their family is a big part of the individual’s life.

Amora V Lifestyle features a full list of different pointers of positive topics to start a conversation at your next diner party.

In conclusion, hosting a dinner party is an excellent way to bring different groups of people together and promote networking and new connections.

However, starting and maintaining positive conversations can take a lot of effort. We hope our list of positive topics can help smooth and maintain a positive discussion.

A quick recap: 

Praising someone at the party 

  • Talk about life events or goals 
  • Asking about weekend plans or weekend plans 
  • Telling a story or fun fact 
  • Talk about relationships or families 

These conversation starters will help your dinner party guests connect and leave feeling uplifted and happy. [Get inspired: AmoraVLifestyle.com/Lifestyle]

Full List of Positive Topics to Talk About at Your Next Dinner Party

  1. Give Praise to Someone at the Party
  2. Amazing Life Event 
  3. Ask About a Goal and/or Project Someone is Working on
  4. Talk about a Recent Trip You Went On 
  5. Ask How They Met
  6. Ask About Weekend Plans 
  7. Give a Compliment 
  8. Give Introductions
  9. State an Interesting Fact
  10. Talk about Family 

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