Reasons You May Be Holding Yourself Back from Your Dreams

Sometimes a dream can feel so close and within grasp yet far away and out of reach. Sounds familiar? 

Then you are not alone. Starting a new adventure can be challenging and scary, especially when not knowing the outcome.

What if, in the end, all the hard work, late nights, and endless positive affirmations are worth it? 

Yet many focus on the possibility of negative outcomes, causing many to only speak of their dreams without taking action.

Achieving a dream in life is one of the most rewarding experiences.

Suppose you are ready to take the step to make your dream come true. Yet, you find that you are holding yourself back. 

Below are some reasons you are holding yourself back from your dreams and possible solutions! 

Hopefully, this helps you find your fire, go after the goal, and achieve success.

Amora V Lifestyle highlights a full list of reasons. you may be holding yourself back from your dreams.

1. Imposter Syndrome

One reason you may be holding yourself back from your dreams is because of imposter syndrome. 

Imposter Syndrome is the feeling of fraud since there is an underlying belief that the goal is not achievable. 

This feeling may stem from a lack of confidence in achieving the goal. 

Possibly Imposter Syndrome comes from individuals lacking the knowledge to reach the end goal.

Thankfully, with the Internet, we have an unlimited number of resources at our fingertips. Thus, allowing us the ability to research and find anything we need to complete our goals and go after our dreams.

2. Not Having a Purpose

Having a purpose is imperative when going after a dream. 

Having a hard-to-reach dream usually requires much energy, time, and money. 

Some goals may take months or even years to achieve. Therefore, having a purpose is essential to staying on track.

Having a purpose allows one to work hard and strive every day toward the goal, allowing for a solid drive to stay motivated throughout the journey. 

Staying motivated and determined allows the ability to see the project to the end.

Different Types of Purposes:

  • Better Good for Humanity
  • Personal Achievement
  • Helping Others
  • Self Mastery or Growth

3. Poor Support Group

Creating drama is another sign of a bad friendship and a poor emotional support group. Furthermore, a poor support system can hold you back from achieving your dreams.

One of the hardest things is being excited about a big dream only to have those around shoot it down. 

Unfortunately, the ones who usually have the biggest impact on us is our friends and family.  

Having a negative friend or family member that finds fault in the big idea can deter us from our dreams. [Read also: Signs of a Poor Emotional Support System]

It causes a major setback towards motivation when someone has a negative list of why the dream can’t be achieved. Unfortunately, this happens all too often.

"Surround Yourself Only with People Who are Going to Lift You Higher"
~ Oprah Winfrey

Thus, finding a solid support group that encourages and motivates you to become the best version of yourself is crucial. 

Having a strong support group will excel your life by pushing you further than ever imagined—[Read also: Ways to Tell You Have a Strong Support System].

4. Getting Discouraged

Sometimes getting discouraged prevents us from achieving our dreams. 

Discouragement can come from a lack of belief that the objective is achievable. 

This can be due to believing in not having enough knowledge to complete the goal, self-doubt, or even thinking the dream is too big.

Determine what is discouraging you and figure out how to change your mindset. 

If it’s a lack of education or knowledge, grab books from the local library to learn what is needed to succeed. Google is also a great resource. 

If it is self-doubt, work on meditating and listening to positive affirmations to help you believe. 

If the dream feels too big, break it down into bite-size pieces.

Overcoming discouragement is a big step and takes time. 

However, being able to overcome it allows you the ability to go after your dream! Thus, giving you the ability to achieve your goals.

5. Lack of a 5 - 10 - 15 Year Plan

Lacking a long term plan is another way you may be holding yourself back from your dreams. However, by going after your dreams you are able to be true to yourself.

Not having a plan is another reason you may be holding yourself back from achieving your dreams. 

A 5-10-15 year goal is essential in helping you achieve your objectives as it clarifies what you want in life along with a self-determined roadmap of how to get there. 

A roadmap is used throughout the journey to keep you on track. A plan clarifies what you want in life and a strategy to achieve your goal. 

It is ultimately a list of goals and achievements you wish to fulfill within a particular time.

A plan is a roadmap to understand how to achieve your goals. 

Furthermore, it gives something to work towards and the feeling of accomplishment at the end.

6. Excuses

Self-doubt, lack of understanding, or fear of failing are reasons we make excuses to avoid going after what we want in life. 

Excuses can range from not being the right time due to unforeseen events, lack of funding, or not having the resources or knowledge.

Suppose you feel that you are having trouble going after your dream; then maybe all you need is to analyze why. 

Ask yourself an honest question.
Am I making excuses? If so, then why?

From there, you should determine the root cause. Discovering the root issue will allow the ability to work towards overcoming it.

For Example. When people ask Tammy why she isn’t achieving her business goals, she tells them she is busy. 

Yet spend hours in front of the TV and surfing Social Media. Realizing she does have the time makes her understand this is just an excuse.

After an in-depth evaluation, Tammy realizes she is afraid of failing. Spending time and money only to end with nothing is her fear. 

Now that she understands her fears, she can work to overcome them. Therefore, giving her the ability to go after her goals.

Once able to determine if excuses are a part of the problem allows the ability to understand why excuses are being made. 

Understanding the root cause of what is holding you back allows the ability to overcome it so you can become more confidence to go after your dream.

It is for this reason we added excuses to our list of Reasons You May Be Holding Yourself Back From Your Dreams. 

7. Negativity

Another sign of someone that has low self-esteem is when they have a negative outlook on the future. By giving them a positive viewpoint can help help loved ones improve self-esteem.
"Whether you think you can, or you think you can't--you're right."
~ Henry Ford

Negative self-talk can become highly detrimental to the overall outcome of life.

Negative self-talk is the equivalent of emotionally and mentally beating yourself up daily, making achieving any task more complicated than it needs to become just because of the thoughts consumed.

After all, why start something if you keep telling yourself it will not work and honestly believe that failure is just around the corner? 

If thinking your dream will end up as a nightmare, why proceed?

Example. Not wanting to start a business because you believe it can lead to financial ruin, never getting off the ground, or being embarrassed to put yourself out there because of all the negative things people think.

However, this mindset is detrimental to achieving anything!

Therefore, it is imperative to understand if the thoughts going through your mind are hindering or helping you achieve your goal. 

Understanding this is the first step toward changing your mindset to becoming more positive.

Being positive and encouraging positive self-talk is essential in achieving your goals in life. 

For instance, if you genuinely believe you will succeed in your venture, you will likely give it your all.

8. Lack of Funds

Another aspect of being frugal is that people assume you are poor when normally the opposite is true. However, a lack of funds is another reason you may holding yourself back from your dreams. Being frugal can help save money to make your dreams come true.

Sometimes the only thing holding us back from our dream is a lack of funds. 

However, if you are really passionate about your dreams then finding funds is just another obstacle to overcome. 

Luckily, there are a variety of ways to obtain funds to start your business. 

If funding is an issue, platforms such as crowdsourcing or GoFundMe may be worth looking into.

Other options are researching different grants that may be available. 

Another thing to consider is putting money aside each month toward your goal. If it makes sense, even getting a loan.

However, funding your dreams should be based on what is best for you!

9. Afraid to Fail

“Winners are not afraid of losing. But losers are. Failure is part of the process of success. People who avoid failure also avoid success.”
~ Robert T. Kiyosaki

Being afraid to fail may possibly be another reason you are holding yourself back from achieving your dreams. 

Ever dreamed of doing something, and the first thought becomes, What if I fail? If so, then you are not alone. 

Trying something new almost always has a chance of failure. It is common for people to ponder failure before going after their dreams. 

Unfortunately, the fear of failure holds many individuals back. Don’t let this be you! Go after your dreams and go hard. 

The quote above by Robert T. Kiyosaki changed my life, allowing me to step away from the fear of failure and embrace it.

10. Not Knowing the Outcome

When exploring a new path, it is hard to determine the outcome, especially when starting a new endeavour. 

Not knowing the outcome can make it hard to want to step outside your comfort zone and try something new! 

For example, a new business adventure may be hard to decide where it will end up—not having a clear and definitive path on where the business is going or what it takes to get there causes uncertainty, making it hard to follow through on your dream.

Therefore, having a plan with a desired outcome makes it easier to understand where you want to go and how to get there. 

Clarity gives confidence, making it easier to follow through on your dreams.

11. Life Events

Big life events such as a baby can hold your back from success.

Sometimes life gets in the way of our dream. Things happen outside of our control. That’s OK. 

Life events are something that may cause us to take a temporary break but shouldn’t keep us from our dreams forever. 

Life events can include:

  • Becoming pregnant.
  • Having to take care of a sick relative.
  • Working two jobs to scrape by.

Whatever the life event is that’s holding you back, it is imperative to come up with a plan to overcome it. Even if that means slowly work towards your goal, and don’t rush it.

12. Not Dreaming Big Enough

There are a variety of ways that indicate the dream may not be big enough. 

For one, if the goal is constantly changing. 

If you find that your life’s dream is changing from week to week or year to year, the dream lacks passion or isn’t big enough to become excited.

Another indication that you are not dreaming big enough is when the goals you are going after doesn’t excite you. 

Having a dream that doesn’t excite you might mean you were after the dream for all the wrong reasons. Possibly, make a quick buck or impress your friends. 

Having a goal for all the wrong reasons can leave you with zero aspirations and motivation. 

Another sign your not dreaming big enough is that the overall goal was mediocre. 

A goal that is easy to achieve that only benefits within the moment. One that is quickly reached and does not inspire into growth of another goal.

A dream should be heart-pounding, exciting, challenging, and something we are willing to put hours into every day. 

A vision should stem from a passion for our personal goals without persuasion from those around us.

13. Not Sure How To Proceed

Sometimes the biggest issue is just not knowing how to achieve something— or the steps needed to get started or complete.

Thankfully, we live in a digital area. So if not knowing how to proceed is an issue, search engines can give the necessary answers.

However, if, for some reason, not being able to find the answers to what you need on a search engine. 

Then, meeting with someone already doing what you want to achieve is best. Asking them about their path and steps to accomplish their goals can help you understand how to achieve yours.

Amora V Lifestyle has a full list of reasons you may be holding yourself back from your dreams.

In conclusion, achieving a dream in life is one of the most rewarding experiences. However, many individuals hold themselves back from going after their dreams.

The reasons can range from Imposter Syndrome to lack of funds and even fear of failure. Furthermore, understanding the root cause of what is holding you back is essential to overcome it.

A few ways to overcome obstacles and go after your dream is by having a purpose, finding a solid support group, and having a 5-10-15 year plan that keeps you motivated and on track. 

There is always time to go after your dreams and achieve success.

Full List of Reasons You May Be Holding Yourself Back From Your Dreams

  1. Imposter Syndrome
  2. Not Having a Purpose 
  3. Poor Support Group
  4. Lack of a 5 – 10 – 15 Year Plan 
  5. Lack of Funds
  6. Discouraged
  7. Life Events
  8. Excuses
  9. Afraid to Fail
  10. Negativity
  11. Not Knowing the Outcome
  12. Not Dreaming Big Enough
  13. Not Sure How to Proceed

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