Go Chasing Waterfalls in Ozark National Forest on This Scenic Drive

Go Chasing Waterfalls on this Scenic Drive

You can explore all the waterfalls along the Falling Water Scenic Drive by driving, although some require a short hike to see the falls. 

This drive takes you to multiple waterfalls, with some you can view inside your car! However, the waterfalls not seen from the vehicle are just a short hike off the road.

If you are looking for a relaxing scenic drive that allows you to explore multiple destinations with amazing views, then this trail is just for you. 

Below is a list of waterfalls you can expect to see along your drive.

Falling Water Falls

Falling Water Falls is one of the many waterfalls you can expect to see along the Falling Water Scenic Drive. 

The falls can be viewed from your car, although you can get a better view by trekking down to the Falling Water Falls.

This gorgeous waterfall is separated by rocks, allowing several falls next to each other. Thus, allowing for an exceptional experience. 

However, the magnitudes of the falls depending on the amount of rain in the area. After long periods of rainfall in the area, you can experience heavy flowering waterfalls. 

The water pours into an emerald blue pond below that makes for a popular swimming destination during summertime.

Six Fingers Falls

Six Fingers Falls is another waterfall located right off the road and can be seen from your car. This waterfall is unique because six different falls pour into the same body of water below. 

The abnormal rock formation the six separate falls flow through adds to the overall uniqueness of the cascades.

Terry Keef Falls

Another waterfall you can see along the scenic drive is Terry Keef Falls. 

This 78-foot waterfall is a short distance away from Falling Water Falls. Unlike the other falls on this scenic drive, you will have to hike 1.1 miles to get to the falls. 

The good news is it’s an easy hike to get to the falls.

Fuzzybutt Falls

Fuzzybutt Falls is a breathtakingly beautiful waterfall that is located inside a canyon. 

The falls are approximately 16 feet tall. Getting to Fuzzybutt Falls requires a 2.1-mile in-and-out hike considered an easy trek.

Full List of Go Chasing Waterfalls on this Scenic Drive

  1. Falling Water Falls
  2. Six Fingers Falls
  3. Terry Keef Falls
  4. Fuzzybutt Falls

If you want a relaxing way to spend your day outdoors, you must check out this scenic drive. The breathtakingly beautiful views of multiple waterfalls are well worth the trip. 

The hiking trails throughout are also a great way to get out of the car and stretch your legs. 

If you are visiting Ozark National Forest, add the scenic drive to your list of must-see attractions.

Directions to Falling Water Scenic Drive

To access the Falling Water Scenic Drive, you will want to take Highway 16 east towards Ben Hur and then continue for approximately 1 mile to Forest Road 1205. 

Once on Forest Road 1205, you will turn east onto a gravel road. 

The road throughout this is curvy and steep. You may also need cell phone service, so download any maps or directions you may need.

Important Information You Need to Know Before You Go

Cell Phone Service (depending on the provider) is limited, and you may not receive cell phone service. 

Make sure to have your GPS pulled up in advance to allow the ability to know how to get to each waterfall.

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