Things I Wish I Knew About Life Before I was 30

In life, there are lessons that we often learn too late. Personally, I have learned some of these lessons the hard way, and I wish I had known them sooner. 

That’s why I want to share with you some things I wish I had known before I turned 30. 

Hopefully, this knowledge will help you avoid making the same mistakes I did and have a more fulfilling life.

Here are the things that I wish I knew about life before I was 30. I hope this article helps you by avoiding some of the same mistakes I made.

1. Being a True Friend Doesn't Mean Having to Deal with Toxic Friendships

Letting go of Friendships that are not Healthy for you is OK. 

I wish I had known this when I was younger. Toxic people tend to drain you of your energy, time, and resources. 

Toxic individuals will leave you with nothing but guilt and shame.

Sticking around trying to save a toxic friendship is usually a bad idea. 

Toxic people can change if they want. However, they either don’t want to change or don’t even realize they are toxic. [Read also: When is it Time to Cut off a Friendship?]

2. Fully Understanding Finances

Fully understanding finances is something I wish I would have learned before I was 30. Not understanding the basics of finances really put me behind in my adult life. Now, I am actively trying to save for retirement, pay down debt all while investing. Is it too late for me to get ahead? Nope, but it sure does make it way harder to do so.

In my experience, some families see speaking about financial expenses as Taboo, thus, not raising their child with in-depth financial knowledge. 

In fact, growing up, I rarely knew of anyone’s parents teaching their children about various aspects of money.

I only knew of the basics of finances introduced within the home, such as getting a good job and paying your bills on time.

Thus, leaving the animal of finance for me to tackle independently. 

Learning includes topics about different investment strategies, how to open and start saving for retirement, fees associated with accounts, impacts on interest rates, and how to pay down debt efficiently. 

Understanding the different aspects of finances can take many years of education and trial and error. For this reason, I wish I had known more about finances before being 30.

3. Work Somewhere that Pays Your College Tuition

Student Loans are easy to acquire as they have loose lending policies. 

Furthermore, colleges bank on the fact that students are financially illiterate, allowing them to take advantage. Student loan debt will never go away, not even in bankruptcy. 

Furthermore, student loan debt may have high-interest rates, making it harder to pay off the loan. [Read also: Get Out of Debt | How to Pay Off Loans Fast]

In fact, student loans can be financially crippling to those with large amounts of debt. 

Having large sums of student loan debt can hinder the ability to buy a house, get a car, or even start a family one day.

Therefore, finding a company to work for that will fully pay for college will help you get started at a younger age. Thus, allowing you to enter the workforce free of Student Loan Debt.  

Looking back on life, working for a company that pays for schooling is something I Wish I Knew About Life Before I was 30.

4. Once You Pay Your Own Way, Your Parents Have No Say

Once you pay your own way your parents have no Say is one thing I wish I would have learned before I was 30. It is ok to take their advice but needing to learn that you have the ability to make your own decisions and the outcome of your adult life is on you.

The thing with some parents is that they can’t stop parenting. 

Even as adults, they still need to give constant advice about everything, telling you how to live your life. 

Once you pay your way in life, then you are in 100% control. You get to call the shots.

The problem is, being raised for 18 years under their roof with their guidance makes their opinion matter in adulthood. 

Even as adults, we follow our parent’s opinions, especially when emotion is tied to the response. 

Having parents’ opinions become opposite of what you want can plant a seed of doubt which can confuse. 

Therefore, you must do precisely what YOU want to do and not be directed by your parents’ wishes for what they want for you. 

It can be challenging, especially when you know your actions go against what they want. 

It is YOUR life to live. Nobody else’s life, so live your life the way you want.

5. Judging, Gossiping, and Blaming is not OK

Judging, gossiping, and blaming are not OK. Being around those who constantly judge and gossip can hinder your mental well-being.

When you are around this kind of negativity for so long, you may begin to think it is normal behavior. 

Therefore, assuming that when you leave any social situation, the likelihood of somebody judging you in their mind, gossiping, or blaming you for something that happened becomes a norm.

The problem with being around individuals who gossip is it will decrease your chances of success as you are likely less willing to go for opportunities. 

You may shy away from new opportunity because you have been around so many people who are negative therefore making it feel as if the world is against you and not for you. 

Without support, it is hard to want to achieve your dreams and goals without feeling harshly judged, which leads us to the next point.

6. Negativity is Poison to the Soul

I’ve come to realize that negativity can be incredibly harmful to one’s well being. It’s unfortunate that I didn’t learn this sooner and understand how it can hinder growth and success.

Having negative people in your life can plant seeds of doubt, fear, and anxiety, which can lead to a negative mindset. 

This mindset can cause you to miss out on opportunities because they only see the worst in situations instead of visualizing the success that can come from it.

Being around negativity can poison the soul, and it’s something that we should all strive to avoid. [Read also: 10 Reasons Why Protecting Your Mental Wellbeing is so Important

7. Choose Your Circle Wisely

Choosing your circle wisely is another life lesson I wish I would learned before I was 30. I though being nice was enough but it is so much more than that. They way they speak to you, what they want to talk about and the way they make you feel is so important. In addition to choosing your circle wisely it is also just as important to be a good friend.

The old saying, “birds of a feather flock together ” is the truest statement I have ever heard. 

One thing I wish I had learned sooner is to hang out with people who I thrive on being like regardless of how uncomfortable or intimidating it may be. 

Unfortunately, I surrounded myself with those who were exactly me, not allowing myself to push for growth.

"Surround yourself with people who have dreams, desire and ambition; they'll help you push for, and realize your own."
~ Kush and Wizdom

To achieve personal growth and progress, it’s important to surround yourself with individuals who inspire you to be better. 

By stepping out of your comfort zone and seeking out those who possess qualities that you admire, you can learn from their habits, mindsets, and traits.

Being around people who challenge you to be your best self can provide valuable advice and guidance to help you advance to the next level in your life. 

Remember, we are all constantly learning and changing, so it’s crucial to surround yourself with positive influences that can help you reach your full potential.

8. Take the Time to Learn How to Cook

One thing I wish I knew about Life Before I was 30 is how to cook. Cooking is so important and very hard to learn as you get older, especially when you are trying to feed a hungry husband. Although, cooking at home may not always be ideal. For example, taking someone back to your house on a first date. Another thing about cooking at home is that it allows you to save money for things like a family vacation.

One thing I wish I had known about life before I was 30 is to take the time to learn how to cook. 

There are several different benefits to cooking at home.

For one, cooking is a great way to save money by not having to eat out every meal. Eating out every meal cost money, especially when feeding an entire family.

Another great benefit to cooking at home is the ability to alter recipes to make them healthier. Therefore, allowing you to live a healthier lifestyle.

Another great reason to learn how to cook at home is the capability to experiment with local and international recipes—giving the ability to eat a wide variety of different types of food while having fun tweaking the recipe, allowing it to taste better.

9. Routines & Organization Make Life Easier

The older you get, the more critical routines and organization become. 

It seems like (well, for me, at least) I had all the time in the world until I started working 40 hours a week. 

Now, it feels like I barely have time to go grocery shopping. 

Yet, I had friends working 40 hours a week, in school, exercising regularly, and slaying a side gig. 

It became apparent that they had a routine and organization that allowed them to get more done throughout the day than I could in a week.

I soon learned the benefits of having a routine while staying organized in every aspect of life.

As you get older, life becomes more hectic, and you will begin to appreciate having a dedicated spot for everything. 

Having a place for everything makes it easier to find anything you need throughout the day. 

Furthermore, having a routine makes everyday tasks like second nature, doing them without thought or stress. 

Therefore, allowing your day to go smoothly while being able to achieve more tasks, allowing the ability to slay your goals. 

10. Travel While You Can

Traveling While You Can is Another Lesson I Wish I would Have Learned Before I was 30. Traveling only gets harder and harder as you get older as you have more obligations from work, children, school and extracurricular activities. Another great benefit of travel is the ability to help live a happier and healthier life.

The one thing I wish I had known about life before I was 30 is how difficult traveling becomes as you get older. 

You start a career with minimal vacation time. Then as you build up your vacation time, the first child is on their way; it just always seems that things always get in the way. 

Therefore travel while you’re young and have the opportunity to go places. In college, utilize the breaks and summer vacation to explore the world. I wish I had.

11. Be Fearless In the Pursuit of Your Dreams

Working towards goals and having discipline to complete your task allows you to level up your life in the next year. Having better habits and working towards them is another way of how to reinvent yourself.
"Only those who dare to fail greatly can ever achieve greatly."
~ Robert F Kennedy

Be fearless and pursue your dreams while you are young. You will be able to bounce back easier and a lot quicker from any financial loss or failed opportunity.

Furthermore, failing young is a great learning tool and can allow you to get back up and try it again and again until you succeed. 

Just remember, it took Thomas Edison 1,000 Unsuccessful attempts to invent the lightbulb. In his great words, “I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.” 

Furthermore, going after your dreams will give you experience that will help you in the real world. 

From my experience, employers love seeing young adults who dive into their dreams and try, even if initially unsuccessful. 

You will gain more respect in the job interview, explaining the experience you gained going after a dream, than the diploma you received in college while spending the weekends partying.

So many different life lessons that came after the age of 30. I have 10 things I wish I knew about life before I was 30. I hope you take these different life lessons to hopefully help you get further ahead in life and faster then I did.

In conclusion, life is full of valuable lessons, some of which we learn the hard way. However, by sharing the things I wish I had known before turning 30, I hope to help you avoid making the same mistakes I did.

Just another quick rundown of the things I learned the hard way is that letting go of toxic friendships is okay, fully understanding finances is crucial, and finding a job paying for college tuition is a great start in life.

Furthermore, when you fully assume responsibility for your own life, your parents’ opinions, criticisms, and accusations no longer hold any weight.

It’s also wise to invest time in learning how to cook, as it can greatly enhance your quality of life, and establishing routines can simplify and streamline your daily activities. 

Lastly, while you have the opportunity, explore the world and pursue your aspirations without fear. 

By keeping these pearls of wisdom in mind, you can lead a more rewarding life.

I wholeheartedly wish you success in all your endeavors and hope this can help you in life.

Complete List of Things I Wish I Knew About Life Before I Was 30

  1. Being a True Friend Doesn’t Mean Having to Deal with Toxic Friendships 
  2. Fully Understanding Finances 
  3. Work Somewhere that Pays Your College Tuition 
  4. Once You Pay Your Own Way, Your Parents Have No Say 
  5. Judging, Gossiping and Blaming are not OK 
  6. Negativity is Poison to the Soul 
  7. Choose Your Circle Wisely 
  8. Take the Time to Learn How to Cook 
  9. Routines Make Life Easier 
  10. Travel While You Can 
  11. Be Fearless in the Pursuit of Your Dreams 
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